Professionals with a long standing know-how in the field.

Karen Garabedyan

Production Director

Karen has been part of the Pliska Oil team for 12 years now. He effectively and efficiently manages the extension and modernisation of the newly-built company plant, the introduction of new technology, the installation of equipment. Under his control, we continuously increase the production capacity year by year.

“As a person, I strive for personal growth and to enrich my knowledge and skills. The dynamic environment I work in, presents me with many new challenges on a daily basis. As part of a cohesive and competent team of professionals, we overcome problems and seek to meet success at all cost. This is what fuels me to take on each new venture.”

Velin Velichkov

Financial Director

After completing his degree in economics, Velin was Manager of a state-owned business, Head of Department in a municipal enterprise, Financial Controller for Shumen Municipality and General Manager of a bank branch. He joined Pliska Oil four years ago, bringing with him a great deal of competence, honesty and perseverance.

“Satisfaction is measured by a job well done – to find the right solution at the right time. The challenge of the constantly changing market environment stimulates me to be a winner.”

Georgy Donchev

Mechanical Engineer

The dynamic everyday work of Georgy includes monitoring the condition of our machines and equipment. Responsible for the correct operation, he carries out the necessary preventive actions to improve the high qualitative and quantitative standards.

“I think and rethink my decisions. I’m insistent when I have to be, but I’m not the confrontational type what helps me to lead a trusted and experienced team to find solutions to the problems. Machines are what intrigue me the most… and they will always be.”

Reneta Bozhinovska

Design and Marketing Manager

Reneta has more than nine years experience in print and digital design, art direction and photography. She joined the team of Pliska Oil to enhance the company’s visual presentation, design the packaging of new and existing products, improve marketing communication and strategies.

“Pliska Oil’s goods are extremely clean, and high quality. These are the products any reasonable person nowadays should long for. Our health is everything! I’m more than inspired and excited by the opportunity to give the company a vision, worthy of its professionalism.”

Svetla Petrova

Chief Laboratory Technician

Since 2009, Svetla has one of the most responsible positions in the company. She oversees the entire production process from receiving raw material  (sunflower seeds) through processing it in the extrusion and refinery departments to bottling the final high quality sunflower oil. She is keen to enhance her professional knowledge by regularly attending the annual courses of The Bulgarian Oilseed and Vegetable Oil Producers Association.

“At the end of the day I feel most satisfied when my job has been done well, ensuring there was no deviation in the quality.”

Veselin Bozadgiev

Head of Packaging Department

Since 2008, Veselin has been with us undertaking all the assigned tasks with great enthusiasm and will for success. He is productively inspired by the work with colleagues and suppliers, appreciates the diversity of the production process and deservedly enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done.

“I always strive for perfection, although I know, no one else has achieved it.”

Yordanka Ivanova


Yordanka has been with us since 1987 and thanks to her correctness, accuracy and desire to get her job always professionally done, she enjoys universal respect from all of us.

“I dare to say, that in my work I’m responsible and take on new challenges. I cannot leave the office with a solution to a problem unsolved. One successfully completed day and well planned next, bring a huge satisfaction.”



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