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You will find us in the small town of Pliska, once capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom from 681 to 893, and 29 km northeast of Shumen. Pliska, originally chosen for its opportune location, is surrounded by the beautiful hillsides of neighbouring plateaus and has always had favourable conditions for agriculture and livestock.

Currently, these fertile Bulgarian soils provide for around 38% of the highest-quality Bulgarian sunflower seeds. Sunflowers here have a long history, and were grown as oilseed crop for the very first time following the first world war.

By 2012 these sunflower lands represented 26% of all arable land and accounted for the largest share of oilseeds (88.3%) in the country.

At the heart of our operation are the noble Bulgarian farmers who ensure through hard work our product is a top quality one. The knowledge and skill they use every day has passed down from generation to generation, resulting in the wonderful process it is today.

It is their dedication and vision of the future that continue to make Bulgaria’s ‘liquid gold’ one of the most authentic and profitable products in the country.

A product we are proud to call our own.



We firmly believe that only the best should be shared with the world.

The quality of our products is something we care about deeply. Our year-round availability, ethical commitment, and delivery and payment flexibility are only a few of the many reasons Pliska Oil is a name respected throughout the country.

We believe that our success is because we offer only the highest quality product, and treat our clients and cooperatives with the respect they deserve. We constantly strive to better ourselves both in and outside of the industry, and establish ourselves as a pillar of the community.

With our modern and innovative equipment, Pliska Oil is proud to meet the European Environmental Protection standards. Our continued investment in quality, technology and marketing, brings significant sales to both our own brand as well as client brands.


As we look to the future, we are constantly striving to maintain the quality of our oil and provide a healthy choice for cooking. We are here to make sure you love what we make.



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Pliska Oil owns a valid certificate for activities related to the production and storage of oil (raw, refined and cold pressed vegetable oil), fats and oilseeds.



We are open for communication with all interested and market orientated professionals. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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