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Sunflower Seeds

For the benefit of our partners we train professional regional representatives to consult farmers continually on improved materials and processing methods. Pliska Oil guarantees excellent quality due to the non-GMO sunflower seeds it produces and uses for it’s production.  We provide a reliable transportation and storage of the crop too.

Crude Oil

Part of the production of Pliska Oil is crude sunflower oil which we extract by the famous method of extrusion. Our technology installations are from leading manufacturers of equipment in the industry and they help the production process to go through steps such as: milling of the seeds, grinding, conditioning, pressing, oil filtration and storage.

Sunflower Meal

The sunflower expeller also known as sunflower meal or sunflower oilcake, is a biologically and economically useful protein source for livestock feed mixtures. It is a product obtained by grinding flakes after most of the oil has been removed by extraction processes. Pliska Oil’s sunflower meal is preferred component for livestock feed mixtures because of the high content of proteins, optimal content of fiber and oil. It is available in bulk and in packs of 25 kg.

Sunflower Pellets

Caring for environment protection and forestry, the company’s management has implemented an investment plan to introduce a production facility for bio fuels – utilising waste from the processing of sunflower husks. The sunflower husk pellets are highly effective alternative energy source for technological requirements and heating. They are characterised by high calorific value and low moisture content. Available in bulk and packs of 15 kg.