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“Vegan Trends on the ‘Veggie & Free-of’ Stuttgart 2016

There was something going on on the ‘Veggie & Free-of’ of last weekend in Stuttgart … And there is something going on in the vegan scene too! First proof: The show has grown considerably compared to last year! The ‘Eat & Style’ neighbouring exhibition had become smaller (it might be that the exhibitors would prefer ‘Veggie & Free-of’ because that is cooler? 😉). Second proof: A lot of new products, most of them also very healthy and/or sustainably manufactured. I could have bought something at every booth … There was hardly an exhibitor who could not convince me with their unique products – although I am really very picky. Keep it up!🙂 ”


“Unexpectedly healthy: sunflower oil with high content of oleic acid

The latest trend comes from the Nachbarsmesse Eat & Style, which took place at the same time as Veggie & frei von. There were lots of interesting vegan products, too, but most of all I was impressed by a sunflower oil. I had already tried a superfine olive oil for 16 € for 500 ml and was just thinking about whether I should buy it when I saw the stand of Pliska Oil. Pliska Oil I already knew, since it is a company from my home country Bulgaria. At the fair, their latest product celebrated premiere – a cold-pressed sunflower oil from a special kind of sunflower with a high content of healthy oleic acid. Under the Sunfloro brand, they offer pure virgin sunflower oil as well as refined virgin sunflower oil, e.g. With basil, chili or truffles. The special thing about Sunfloro is the intense taste of sunflower seeds as well as the high proportion of vitamin A, E and D. Yes, the sunflower contains the sunvitamin D!

I was allowed to take home three bottles – Sunfloro basil, walnut and pure. This valuable oil is much cheaper than good olive oil, but in my opinion it offers more advantages. Also for skin care it is suitable and even recommended. The only disadvantage is that the oil is not yet available in Germany, but that still comes. I will keep you up to date. 😉”

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